The journey  started when my mother began rewarding me for eating my veggies with her fabulous desserts. It was not long before I was eating the desserts before the main course! And so, as the years went by, desserts became my “guilty” pleasure!  


But enough with the guilt… I had to find a healthy solution to my addiction! Under the skeptical eye of my mother, I began experimenting with plant based ingredients and recipes, and at last, magic happened in the kitchen! With time, patience, and luck, I was able to create a series of tasty pastries and desserts prepared with healthy and sustainable ingredients!

My today’s passion for these products and my entrepreneurial spirit have inspired me to share my creations on a bigger scale, leading me to found Victory Foods. A healthy, tasty plant based food company. We are proud to offer a line of delicious European-style desserts and foods, prepared with a unique selection of healthy, plant based ingredients.

My mother is happy at last, now that I’m eating my dessert and my greens too!


I just love it!







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